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The DBNTM softball crew is off to a magnificent start this season! With the help of Coach Bryan Martinez and the addition of several new players this year, the team won their first game with an impressive score of 22-8! It looks like those afternoon practice sessions at the batting cages are paying off.

Be sure to come out and support the team next week as they continue their march towards the championships! Games take place at Pershing Park #2 and the schedule is listed below.

July 8 – 7:40pm

July 15 – 7:40pm

July 22 – 6:30pm

July 29 – 8:50pm

August 5 – No Games

August 12 – 8:50pm (Pershing #1)

August 19 – 8:50pm

August 26 – 6:30pm

September 2 – No Games

September 9 – 6:30pm