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With tax season in full swing and long workdays ahead the DBN staff would like to share some of their tried and true methods of staying productive and powering through the week while managing to throw in a little fun here and there. We have compiled our best tips guaranteed to keep you calm and motivated under pressure!

As any seasoned employee will tell you, a successful tax season starts with a well stocked fridge. String cheese, Oreos and hot sauce are a must. According to senior tax accountant David Henwood, “to avoid office anarchy, be sure there is coffee stocked at all times… and do plenty of hot yoga.”

A little healthy competition with games like Battleship, Bingo and office sports polls keep spirits up and provide afternoon entertainment. “Bingo time is my favorite part of the day!” associate Gisela Rodriguez exclaims. Although not every staff member is alike, a busy season playlist packed with energetic music to play after hours is a pretty universal cure for the tax season blues.

Last but not least, when things get tough, don’t forget to take that afternoon stroll past the candy bowl!