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Non-Profit Organizations

For more than 30 years, DBNT&M has served nonprofit organizations including Public Charities, Private Schools, Social Services Organizations, Arts and Culture organizations and Private Foundations.  We provide extensive expertise in accounting, tax, audit and management consulting services required to maintain compliance with Federal and State nonprofit regulations.  We are committed to nonprofit organizations, demonstrated not only in the specialized technical knowledge we provide, but in the support our partners and management staff provide by serving in various capacities within numerous organizations. Nonprofit organizations are an essential part of our business.  We understand the unique operational and financial challenges faced by nonprofits. We continually train our staff to deliver the following services specific to the nonprofit organization sector:

  • Budgets and cash flow projections
  • Business and strategic plans
  • Calculation of public support test for public charities
  • Consultations regarding unrelated business income
  • Evaluation of internal accounting control systems
  • Financial statements: audits, reviews, compilations and management use
  • Internal control attest and assurances procedures
  • Preparation of nonprofit organization federal and state tax returns
  • Presentations regarding good governance requirements
  • Reasonable compensation analysis
  • Tax planning and consulting for private foundations.

Real Estate

The firm offers significant tax, accounting, and advisory services to those in the real estate industry.  Our tax expertise encompasses real estate held in partnerships, LLCs, as tenants-in-common, or individually.  In particular, our team members have up-to-date knowledge and training on all aspects of the like-kind exchange, including its technical requirements, accounting for the transaction, the impact of boot, and related-party and reverse exchanges.  We effectively analyze the tax impact of passive-activity losses, as well as at-risk and basis limitations.  We have a large client base in the real estate industry, including many large syndicated partnerships and real estate development companies.

Estates, Gifts, and Trusts

At DBNT&M, we understand that planning for the distribution of your estate following death is only one aspect of estate planning.  Equally as important is planning for the conservation and enjoyment of your property and assets during your lifetime. DBNT&M can assist you with wealth management and conservation of your estate by minimizing tax liabilities.  Our estate planning process focuses on the preservation of wealth and the relationship of estate, fiduciary and personal taxes.  Working with our experienced professionals, you will receive personalized service that focuses on developing the best estate and trust plan for you. We can provide you with complete estate planning and management services, including:

  • Preparation of federal estate tax returns
  • Preparation of estate and trust income tax returns
  • Assistance to a surviving spouse or other heirs, including bookkeeping and bill pay
  • Review of current wills, trust instruments, and schedules of assets
  • Identification of objectives and needs regarding wealth preservation
  • Planning for assets with unique estate tax attributes, including life insurance and retirement plans
  • Development of a lifetime gift program utilizing appropriate vehicles including Family Limited Partnership, Limited Liability Companies, charitable trusts, life insurance trusts and qualified personal residence trusts
  • Preparing a liquidity analysis
  • Assistance in communicating and discussing your plan with your family
  • Ensuring the proper implementation and administration of the estate plan
  • Preparation of fiduciary accounting reports