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Tax Services

DBNT&M is unique for a medium-sized, local CPA firm in that the tax division represents the core of the practice. When the firm broke off from Arthur Anderson in 1982, it took the tax practice and grew the practice to its current position. As a result of this genesis, we work with some of the most successful and affluent clients in the Tri-Counties. We invest heavily in tax-related continuing education, a necessity for addressing issues pertaining to high net-worth, sophisticated clients. Our “DBN University” is an in-house educational forum, where cutting edge issues are discussed and analyzed. We utilize a paperless work environment and have made a significant commitment to technology. Areas of expertise include:

  • Business Management for Family Groups – a comprehensive, integrated approach which coordinates the tax, accounting, bookkeeping, legal and consulting
  • Tax consulting and accounting for professionals and professional entities
  • Representation before the IRS and state agencies – conflict resolution of tax issues
  • Estate & Trust Consulting – estate planning and coordination with family legal counsel and post-mortem administration of estate.
  • Private Foundations, Charitable Trusts and Not-for-Profit Organizations
  • Complicated tax compliance – Federal and multi-state
  • Real Estate transactions – analysis of tax deferred exchanges, partnerships and LLC issues

Assurance Services

We are committed to delivering comprehensive, independent, efficient, and effective audits and reviews of financial statements. We also provide quality assurance services to help ensure that our clients’ financial statements meet the regulatory and business requirements under which they function. Our services are based on a commitment to proactively communicate with our clients and their audit committee, or others charged with corporate governance, about issues and information that impacts their organization and industry. Beyond audit, review, and compilation services, we provide a broad range of advisory services including agreed upon procedures, internal control design assessment and testing and other accounting services.

Financial Reporting & Assurance Services

Audit and other assurance services relating to financial statements are a core service of public accounting firms.  These are commonly referred to as “attest” services.  Creditors, investors or regulators will require an independent accountant either audit or review an organization’s financial statements and render a report (attest) as to their fairness and their conformity with generally accepted accounting principles or other relevant basis of accounting.  In some instances the organization may only be asked to provide financial statements that are compiled by a CPA. At DBNTM, we view the audit and other assurance services as more than a compliance activity; it’s also an opportunity to develop a thorough understanding of your organization, unique aspects of the industry your organization operates in, and the business risks you face. We provide audit, review and other attest services to organizations in a variety of industries including financial services, technology, healthcare, agriculture, wineries, manufacturing, real estate, non-profits and employee benefit plans. We focus on reaching beyond the account balances to recommend improvements to your processes and internal controls, improve the quality of the information your system generates, develop useful management reports and help organize and interpret the financial information to help you make better decisions. We are also a member of PKF North America, which is a network of independently-owned accounting and consulting firms with offices across North America. As a member of PKF, we are able to provide a range of technical and industry specific resources of a national firm allowing us to better serve your organization’s specific needs. DBNTM is a participant in the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants Peer Review process and has received an unqualified opinion for each of its reviews, which have also been accepted by the California Society of CPAs. Our services include:

  • Audited financial statements
  • Reviewed financial statements
  • Compiled financial statements
  • Employee benefit plan audits
  • Royalty and contract audits
  • Agreed-upon procedures
  • Reviews and reporting on internal controls
  • Due diligence/special investigations
  • Assistance on transactions, including mergers and acquisitions

Employee Benefit Plan Audit

Audits of benefit plans are required in order to protect the employees who are covered by them.  With the passage of the Employee Retirement Income Security Act of 1974 (ERISA), plan sponsors and administrators are responsible for ensuring the accuracy of their plans’ financial statements as well as comply with ERISA reporting requirements, the Department of Labor (DOL) rules, and other complex regulations. Audits of employee benefit plans involve more than just a financial audit of the plan’s assets. These audits take an in-depth look at your organization’s compliance with a variety of regulations.  As a result audits of employee benefit plans are unlike other audits, they are subject to specific rules that require specialized knowledge to execute. DBNTM’s employee benefits team has extensive knowledge of ERISA guidelines and expertise performing employee benefit plan audits.  As a member of the AICPA’s Employee Benefit Plan Audit Quality Center, we are required to maintain and demonstrate high quality audit services, obtain certain levels of continuing education specifically in the auditing of benefit and retirement plans, and must include plan audits in our peer review process.

Internal Control

The need for strong internal controls is not limited to public companies.  Effective internal controls provide management with reliable information tools that allow them to identify, manage and mitigate risk on an ongoing basis.  Designed appropriately, a strong internal control environment supports growth and helps every organization, whether public, private, or non-profit. DBNTM can assist an organization in assessing both the design and operating effectiveness of its internal control systems, making recommendations for improvement, and assisting with the implementation of the recommendations.


Private Client Services

DBNT&M provides family office services, including bill pay, bookkeeping, and financial reporting, to individuals, trusts, and seniors who need assistance managing their finances from someone other than a family member.  Perhaps you’re looking for an objective party to account for your family’s personal assets, your financial management needs have outgrown your resources, or you seek simply to find the time and peace of mind that come from trusting your personal accounting responsibilities to a professional – whatever the reason, we’re here to help.

Bill Pay

High net worth families, trustees and other professionals may not have the time to perform the many tasks associated with managing their resources.  DBNT&M can relieve you of much of this responsibility by acting as your personal financial officer.  When you contract with DBNT&M for bill pay services, we’ll handle the following:

  • Receiving and reviewing bills
  • Organizing and tracking billing information
  • Making timely bill payments, both electronically and manually
  • Preparing monthly bill payment history reports
  • Transferring funds, making deposits, and maintaining accurate bank account balances.


Basic accounting and bookkeeping functions can become complicated when they involve family businesses or other assets.  DBNT&M provides bookkeeping services to family offices, saving individuals and families considerable time, money, and peace of mind.  Turn to us for support in the following areas:

  • Performing regular bookkeeping and accounting services
  • Establishing, managing and filing payroll taxes for household employees
  • Maintaining general ledger and chart of accounts
  • Conducting month and year end closing procedures
  • Reconciling bank and other account statements
  • Maintaining files for bills paid, account statements and other financial documents
  • Organizing tax-related documents
  • Designing and producing custom reports

Litigation, Forensic & Fiduciary Accounting

Forensic accounting is a specialized field that combines investigative skills with accounting expertise.  We identify and analyze financial data, dissect complex financial transactions, and develop and analyze accounting controls and procedures.  We provide forensic accounting and litigation support in cases of financial fraud, marital dissolution matters and expert witness testimony. Fiduciary accountings are specialized reports mandated by the California Probate Code, specifically used by executors, trustees, conservators and others in positions of fiduciary duty.  These reports are submitted to a court of law for review and approval by the presiding judge.  We have the expertise to quickly and efficiently prepare these reports for your submission to court.  We team with your attorneys to determine all information is presented in a clear and concise manner.