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Last month the firm said a bittersweet goodbye to one of our founding partners, Rick Nightingale at a wonderful retirement party thrown by his wife Diane. Below is a poem written by our very own John Morrisset to honor Rick on his special night.


T’was the night before Rick’s retirement,
And all through the firm,
Accountants were scurrying,
And full of concern.


For they wanted a party
where Rick would delight,
In all the festivities
So happy and bright.


For tonight was Rick’s time,
Well planned by Diane,
To honor her husband,
The best in the land.


Food and drinks were set
On the tables with care,
In hopes that Rick Nightingale
Soon would be there.


Then all of a sudden, there came such a clatter.
Tom Brooks ran to see what was the matter.
And what to our wondrous eyes should appear,
But Rick trying to open a bottle of cheer.


As he looked and saw the many who came,
Rick whistled our ans called each by name.
“Now Heather, now Brenda, now Jessica, and Jack,
On Laura, on Carol, on Cathy and Matt.”


In the door Rick sprinted and what did he say?
“Now dash away, dash away, let us all play.”
Up on the tables, the accountants they flew,
Dancing their hearts out, along with Rick too.


In the wink of an eye, Rick’s party was on,
So fun for all, it could last ’til dawn.
“No returns to be filed!” yelled Ricked with delight.
Even Chip did admit it was Rick’s lucky night.


With grueling tax seasons a part of the past,
Lots of freedom is Rick’s to enjoy at last.
‘Tis Rick’s time to retire, and spend all his days,
Playing golf at La Cumbre on lush green fairways.


More time for grandchildren, he so adores,
Along with Diane, he can spoil them more.
Now they can travel on the drop of a dime,
Cause what do they have? They have plenty of time!


Known as a gentleman and a fine diplomat,
the office ran smoothly under his hat.
For the past 30 plus years, Rick gave us his best,
And now its his turn to take a good rest.


And even when gone, we’ll still hear his call,
“A great 42 years, and a Merry Christmas to all.”