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Client Portal

The DBNT&M Client Portal offers anytime anywhere client collaboration. Securely and instantly deliver information through the cloud allowing mobility that creates more effective and efficient workflow. Please contact your DBNT&M representative to get instructions on how to set up your Portal account.

Financial Calculators

DBNT&M provides the following easy to use web calculators to our customers available 24×7 and optimized for your mobile device. Click here to access.


LeapFILE is a fast and secure way for clients to send files to DBNTM employees directly from your computer. Follow the quick start instructions below or download a detailed printable PDF instruction sheet by clicking here. Quick Start Instructions:

  • Access the LeapFILE site at https://dbntm.leapfile.com
  • Click on the Secure Upload link.
  • At the Secure Upload page, enter theRecipient Email address of the DBNTM employee that you are sending the file to and click Start.
  • Fill out the delivery details and message fields on the Upload page.
  • Check the box next to Notify me when the files have been downloaded.
  • If you are sending 10 or fewer files, click on the Regular Upload button.
  • Click on Browse and select the file from your computer.
  • Click Upload and Send to begin the upload – wait until you see the Success! message before closing the browser window.

Tax Links & IRS Instructions

Internal Revenue Service (IRS)

To make a payment to the United States Treasury- Electronic Federal Tax Payment System (EFTPS): Make a payment to EFTPS

To make a payment to the United States Treasury for Individuals, follow this link: Direct pay for individuals

To view or download IRS forms and publications: IRS Forms and Publications

IRS Instructions

California Franchise Tax Board

To make a payment to the State of California Franchise Tax Board for Individuals, follow this link:
Web Pay for Individuals

To make a payment to the State of California Franchise Tax Board for Businesses, follow this link:
Web Pay for Businesses

To view or download California Franchise Tax Board Forms and Publications:
Forms and Publications