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The annual horse racing derby hosted by Tom and Judy Brooks drew a huge crowd last week and provided some thrilling Saturday afternoon entertainment. Horses with mustaches, horses on pirate ships and horses filled with treats for the eager spectators were among the many impressive steeds that entered the race making it a very stiff competition indeed.

Here the anxious crowd looks on as Bridal Veil, created by Laura and Jim Ciontea, temporarily takes the lead. After 2 qualifying heats and a finals round it was Duque, the prodigy of Rick and Diane Nightingale that claimed 1st prize followed by Bridal Veil in 2nd and A Horse with no Name coming in 3rd. Chris Hardy and Ashley were presented with the award for the most creative horse design for their stylish but rather sluggish stallion, Talk Derby to Me. We would like to thank all of the participants and the fans who came out to support them and hope to see you all again next year when we put our even bigger, better and faster horses to the test!