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One of the best times of year at DBNTM is our annual retreat at the very end of summer. Wedged right after a successful 9/15 deadline, and only a few weeks before the looming 10/15 work ahead of us, our retreats may appear to land at an unconventional time, but they are always the perfect way to recharge and come together as a firm before a new busy season brings the start of the fall season.

This year DBNTM returned to the Chase Palm Park Center by the beach, where coffee and a light breakfast was provided during the state of the firm updates. After appetizers and a late lunch, the afternoon was spent playing games, enjoying the sun, and socializing.

The afternoon also saw a sailing trip and e-bike tours, followed by a happy hour and dinner with family.

With lots of hours just over the horizon, our annual work retreat is the perfect way to say goodbye to summer and prepare for the final large deadline of the year. We can’t wait for the next one next year!